Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Six-Gun Serenade Rides Out!

And Six Gun Serenade is out of the gate HERE!  

This is an expanded tale that was originally 4 and half K in Hangmen and Bullets, I've more than doubled it, and also have a veritable deleted scene The Money Light - which was cut from Whispers Out of the Dust and then the first chapter of Scavengers which comes out in two weeks.

Here's the description:

The song of the wild west, is played with hot lead notes and some folks gotta learn the hard way.
Schoolteacher Amasa Davison, is invited to join a prospecting outfit and assay gold for them. Turns out it's really a bunch of desperadoes led by a conniving spiritualist who follows the whims of a ghostly Indian princess (so he says) but when the rest of the bandit's start to turn on each other deep in hostile Ute territory, who can a harmless schoolteacher trust? The greenhorn cook, the untested youthful quick draw or the quiet long-haired gunslinger with a killers cold eyes?

Live the excitement and mystery of the old west as you read this novelette plus another great little yarn and an excerpt from the forthcoming Scavengers novel. Treat yourself and delve into a wild treasure hunting adventure!

Download now to enjoy the ride.

(BUT Hey You regular blog readers - It is going to be free right before I do the Scavengers Launch - so even though it is a paltry .99 cents - it will be free on 1/22 -1/23 - 1/24)

I'm trying to get some marketing movement behind Scavengers which comes out on the 24th. So I'll see how this works out.

On top of that I am part of a Marketing promo this week with a slew of other authors. 

Check out this link to see the full list with a massive amount of .99 cent books out today by speculative authors.



Charles Gramlich said...

Hope it does well. I'll look forward to giving it a read

David J. West said...

Thankee Charles!