Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mirages and Speculations

A short weird western of mine has just been reprinted in Mirages and Speculations: Science Fiction and Fantasy from the Desert - available here

Many of you are likely as not, already familiar with it - Garden of Legion - a weird western about Porter Rockwell dealing with the evil spirits of Legion inhabiting an ocean of tumbleweeds.

It is a favorite of mine and I'm pleased to see it out in another collection of local authors. Thanks to Jay Barnson for recommending me to the editor and thanks to the editor Lyn Worthen for enjoying it enough to include it.

Thus far, I think the only other tale I have read yet is Dave Butler's, SEVEN STARS because I got  to read it at least two years ago, when we were talking about stories for a Western Eldritch collection that still has not happened - poke, poke, poke at Nathan Shumate.

Its delightfully weird and creepy, and I highly recomend it to any and all who like a little Lovecraft in the american west.

I personally know at least half of the other authors but haven't read any of the others as yet. I'll remedy that soon.

Til next time.


Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on the reprint

Paul R. McNamee said...

I believe I read that one before and enjpyed it.

And it is the next story in my current read of COLD SLITHER :)

David J. West said...

Thanks Charles, it's a harder feat these days so it's a win!

David J. West said...

I think so Paul and thanks!

Keith West said...

I enjoyed that one. Congrats on the reprint.

Keith West said...

I enjoyed that one. Congrats on the reprint.

David J. West said...

Thanks Keith!